Monday, November 10, 2008

Gripes of the Day/Week/Month/Year

Things that have annoyed me in the recent past:

1. When people say "it couldn't be more perfect." Obviously, if something is perfect, it can't be MORE perfect since it is already perfect.

2. Whenever I convince myself that it won't be that bad to eat at Hedrick for dinner. Seriously, I make this mistake once every couple weeks. Today, I thought to myself, "walking to Covel would be such a chore, I will just eat at Hedrick." Bad. Idea. Also, why does Hedrick have the largest selection of breakfast cereals? They are only open for breakfast once a week.

3. When the day I decide to skip Chemistry lecture is the day he announces homework that a new homework assignment is due in a couple days. Seriously, this has happened twice, and he doesn't send email reminders, which means I usually find out the day before it is due that there is homework due the next day.

4. Lists that have an even number of entries.

5. People that can't keep a schedule of consistent updates to their blog. There is this one blog I like to read, and he says he updates once a week, but he ends up updating like once every couple of months. This is ridiculous.

Things I would like to do in the near future:

1. Get some scripts done for winter break.
2. Remember to call Best Buy to get my 200 dollars worth of gift cards back so I can guy a new camera.
3. Get a stand up act together.
4. Sweep a girl off her feet while simultaneously saving the world from total destruction.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This space reserved!

To be filled by "End of High School" blog. Actually, I will most likely just create a new post. This post is now in vain.

If you are reading this post before I have posted the "EoHS" blog, consider yourself a stalker. It has been a month and a half since I posted. There is no reason for you to be checking this blog.

If you are reading this post after I have posted the "EoHS" blog, consider yourself a stalker. Clearly there is nothing of relevance in this post. You are just reading this, hoping I will profess my long-hidden love for you. Unless you are George Clooney, Steve Carell, Noel Gallagher, or John Holmgren, don't get your hopes up.

You really can't win with me.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Is full of rocks and trees. Occasionally, there is some water.

That is all.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Instead of seeing "Dark Knight..."

I'm staying home. Not really by choice, since by the time I figured out I could go, the tickets were sold out. I feel like being productive, and writing a blog helps me quench that desire. It will also help distract me from the fact that I am not seeing the movie right now.

This will be quick, since I don't feel like ranting or revealing anything about myself. Let's be honest: there are no strangers readings this going, "Holy crap, this kid is sooooo interesting! I hope he updates soon!" (Note to strangers: prove me wrong!)

Anyway, this is the first time in a while I've been able to just chill without having to worry about anything. Except traffic school, which I need to do tonight... but that doesn't count. Regardless, I had a chance to just sit and listen to music while doing basically nothing for a while. I've probably been listening to music for about 5 hours now, which I haven't done in a while. It's been pretty freakin' awesome.

It also made me realize I will probably most likely absolutely never come anywhere near being a songwriting genius. I don't know that I ever really wanted to be that in life, but I can't say I would complain if 40 years from now I found myself with 14 platinum records and 50 million dollars... just in yachts.

Let me summarize this now so it doesn't continue to drag on:
1. I'm not going to see Dark Knight.
2. I listened to music. It was awesome.
3. I don't think I will ever become a famous songwriter, but I wouldn't mind if I did.
4. ????

I'll write again when I feel inclined. I wouldn't want to swamp you all with serious through-provoking stuff. With that, I'll go out with a retarded joke by Demetri Martin.

"I think if I ever saw an amputee being hanged, I would just start yelling out letters."

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Apparently I have interesting things to say...

So I figured I'd start a blog. Every once and a while, I have this desire to write something. Sometimes about life, sometimes about politics, sometimes just for kicks. I enjoy making lists, so here are some things this blog might include:

Funny experiences
Jokes, possible stand up material
Creative writing pieces
Links to other stuff
Random bursts of insanity

More to come soon... maybe. I'm notoriously inconsistent with blogs. I also never had anything to write about before, though.