Thursday, July 17, 2008

Instead of seeing "Dark Knight..."

I'm staying home. Not really by choice, since by the time I figured out I could go, the tickets were sold out. I feel like being productive, and writing a blog helps me quench that desire. It will also help distract me from the fact that I am not seeing the movie right now.

This will be quick, since I don't feel like ranting or revealing anything about myself. Let's be honest: there are no strangers readings this going, "Holy crap, this kid is sooooo interesting! I hope he updates soon!" (Note to strangers: prove me wrong!)

Anyway, this is the first time in a while I've been able to just chill without having to worry about anything. Except traffic school, which I need to do tonight... but that doesn't count. Regardless, I had a chance to just sit and listen to music while doing basically nothing for a while. I've probably been listening to music for about 5 hours now, which I haven't done in a while. It's been pretty freakin' awesome.

It also made me realize I will probably most likely absolutely never come anywhere near being a songwriting genius. I don't know that I ever really wanted to be that in life, but I can't say I would complain if 40 years from now I found myself with 14 platinum records and 50 million dollars... just in yachts.

Let me summarize this now so it doesn't continue to drag on:
1. I'm not going to see Dark Knight.
2. I listened to music. It was awesome.
3. I don't think I will ever become a famous songwriter, but I wouldn't mind if I did.
4. ????

I'll write again when I feel inclined. I wouldn't want to swamp you all with serious through-provoking stuff. With that, I'll go out with a retarded joke by Demetri Martin.

"I think if I ever saw an amputee being hanged, I would just start yelling out letters."

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